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Laying Foundation

Who Thought Of It 


Dr.Shivam Dubey

Co- Founder

An experienced Psychiatrist (MD) for over 12years in the USA. Passionate, innovator and determined to help create the difference in healthcare through technology. He is a veteran team member bringing in the years of experience and expertise to the forefront reaching places in thoughts where rest can't.


Dr.Saras Prasad

Co- Founder

After specializing in field of Psychiatry (MD) and serving for 5 years in Government hospitals of India he has experienced the short falls of the field up-close and wants to serve the population not just as a clinician but also as an entrepreneur creating an impact in medical industry. He is a versatile, spontaneous and idea generator.


Dr.Nimish Gupta

Co- Founder

The member who brings in the logical, calculative and strategic aura to the team along with the charge and energy to drive the team ahead to the objectives set. Innovator, thinker and a reader with great knack for history of just about anything is the reason for various positives. A Specialist (MD) in the field of Psychiatry.

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