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Our Mental Health Solution

Building A Mental Health Ecosystem

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We need a platform exclusive for mental health and now is the time for integrative Psychiatry. We have come up with a comprehensive mental health platform providing holistic mental health solutions. We are a team of experienced mental health professionals and medical doctors who have in depth knowledge of the industry. We realise the lacunae in th esystem and also the need to bridge the gap.


Professionalism, Quality driven, Knowledgeable and Humane with high level privacy & security.


YesMindy's professional and experienced Psychiatrists for consultation with privacy and comfort of your home without compromising on quality of care.

Psychosocial Counsellor

Psychosocial counsellors are the the most important bridge between the clinical team and clients. YesMindy's counsellors will truly help rehabilitate the clients and do not let them loose on their path of recovery.

YesMindy's empathetic, skilled and licensed Clinical Psychologists for psychotherapy, personality assessments & detailed assessments of issues, getting  psychodynamic/psychoanalytic perspective. 

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